Who we are

SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT is a five (5) fingers serial entrepreneur business model that is centered about Total Wellness. A plan that is to bring about a positive drastic change in Our Health, Wealth and Personal Development.

The plan is so flexible that it’s approach depends on each individual. One may decide to start from one finger, two fingers, three, four or all five fingers at a go.

In all, The Project Team is ready is ready to Guide, support and Mentor each individual at their own pace, yet Success is sure with the Connected Economy. Be assured that the least progressive of all is guaranteed daily, weekly and monthly income from month one: therefore, six figure earning when all learned and observed is put to work in this World of Connection.


Our physical appearance is a reflection of our state of health. Being sick or diseased is a indication of a highly toxic body due to poor intake of food and drinks. This result to poor digestion, blood circulation and inefficient defection cycle. Accumulation of toxins is a manifestation of an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by high cholesterol and sedentary lifestyle. Early sign of aging is a sign that the body is deteriorating and this can lead to chronic diseases and heart problems.

Managing our health or healthcare is a responsibility we owe ourselves. It is a duty we must attend to in order to sustain ourselves. This will help you look good and healthy to function at our peak as we go about our daily activities.

Real Estate

Shelter is one of the three (3) vital necessities of every human on earth. The world is on deficit when it comes to housing and shelter. This makes Real Estates business very relevant since the world began. If we all get involved it will go a long way in reducing housing deficit to the barest minimum. With SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT, your shelter is secured. You don’t necessarily have to possess all the funds you need for your shelter. Our flexible way of operation is for every man to own at least a plot irrespective of your economy power and ability. YOUR SHELTER IS SECURED WITH THE SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT.


There is a revolution in the financial system of the world. We all must be involve or else we are left behind. Whether we accept Cryptocurrency now or not, it has come to stay. Crypto is a technology that the world must embrace. Just like our consent was not necessary when exchange moved from trade by barter to using precious stone, then to cowries, coins and later fiat (paper money). Your consent was not necessary when money moved into digital online transaction and when ATM CARDS were introduced. We have to change with the change or we are left behind. Cryptocurrency is the new money and has come to stay.

With SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT, we can be well equipped with current information and vital details that will help us take informed decision regarding cryptocurrency. In recent times, we have seen hoe Fiat currency depreciates daily while cryptocurrency appreciate by the day. Cryptocurrency is a one world currency that has same value in every nation of the world. “Bitcoin” which is the 1stcryptocurrency has gone beyond the reach of majority but with SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT, you can still be onboard the drastic change in the Financial World.  Good and viable cryptocurrencies abound in the CRYPTO SPACE.


Partnership has been a part of man from ages past. These are several very lucrative shares in reputable companies in the world. Good and viable shares has given investors quantum leap in recent times. Those who bought shares with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon among others will share the success story better. Most of us would have loved to turn back the hands of clock; so as to buy some SHARES with the above mentions companies, but it has gone beyond the reach of the average individuals. The Goodnews is that there are still other good local foreign shares of reputable Companies within our reach now.

With SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT will open up means on how part of our saving is put into good shares and then, we begin to experience our own quantum leap as the days go by. OUR SAVINGS ARE AS OUR CHILDREN WHO WE EXPECT TO BRING FORTH THEIR KINDS IN DUE TIME.   Let Your Money Work For You.



Forex (foreign exchange) is the global electronic marketplace for buying and selling international currencies and currency derivatives.  Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, trading volume with Trillions of dollars every day, yet has no central physical location. Banks, brokers and financial institutions are mostly the trading platform, open 24 hours, 5 days a week except on holidays. Forex traders are a force to reckon with in this time or era. 

With SHINEXPERIENCE PROJECT, YOU can be part of the forex market passively or actively and watch your money grow. We guide you into a powerful forex trading system that works. Proven to help us make money from home and build a forex career with impressive strategies. Simple and everyone can do this. 

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To Guide, support and mentor each individual at their pace in taking giant steps to greater heights.


To nurture 100,000 Entrepreneurs in A Connected Economy with cash out of Minimum $20,000 monthly.


Giant Steps to Greater Heights.